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Michael Conneely Astrologer
Michael is one of the few Astrologer’s I have met that integrates both Western and Vedic Astrology Models. Michael’s own training and grounding in Astrology are unparalleled. Michael is also a healer, which helps enormously with understanding your soul purpose and resolving any issues or ailments you may be experiencing this lifetime. 
If you are interested in a reading or learning Astrology from either the Vedic School or the Western School, or integrating both, just as Michael has done,  then read some of the amazing content within this blog itself. Feel free to browse.
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This post has been written by Robert Williams who is currently working with Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley as their Internet Guru


Vedic and Western Astrology from Michael Conneely read more....

I see a lot of creative energies in the chart for this Bank Holiday Saturday in UK

I see a lot of creative energies in the chart for this Bank Holiday Saturday, Saturday 24th May 2015.

There is an angry Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunction, which could mean lots of arguing and fighting. But it need not do so. This energy’s higher meaning can give you good, directed communication where you clearly and successfully express what you need to express: your essence. Remember, the ideal is that we can choose to see the higher potential in everything coming our way: hard though that often is.

There’s an expansive and mind-enlarging Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

And note that the Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunction and the Moon-Jupiter conjunction are actually two corners of a powerful chart aspect shape called a Yod: a finger of God.

A Yod is a very long thin triangle with a blue line or sextile (60 deg) for tis base, and two long green aspects making up the other two sides. These are Quincunxes or 150 deg aspects pointing to the Apex Planet of the Yod triangle. The Finger of god is pointing at the Apex Planet

So in the case of the chart for this Saturday, the base of the Triangle is the blue line: the sextile aspect between the above two conjunctions, but the apex planet is Pluto.

Pluto is a very deep almost violent energy of death and rebirth and creativity: remember the Pluto-Persephone myth. Pluto, Lord of hades saw Persephone the daughter of the Earth Goddess innocently picking narcissi, so he erupted out of Hades his realm and claimed her and told her she was now his Queen.

So the higher manifestation of this energy certainly includes great force for creative expression.

Well, that’s certainly how I’m using it this morning!


Mercury is Retrograde from May 18th to June 11th

On May 18th, Mercury will Retrograde or have backward motion in the heavens. It is worth knowing this, understanding what it mean and anticipating the challenges. Mercury resumes forward motion in the heavens on June 11th.

But in fact the Mercury challenges actually start before he turns retrograde, and they continue for a while after he has turned direct. So, on May 4th Mercury reaches the point he will ultimately not regain until he returns to this position on June 27th. Throughout this period Mercury issues will become highlighted.

In western astrology this retrograde is in Gemini, so at the level of our egoic mind, we could have to deal with very changeable fickle communication issues, as well as the usual Mercury Retrograde issues.

As is well known, Mercury Retrograde is the time to get your filing and IT systems in order. It is a time to check you have put addresses correctly on letters, and it’s noted for things going astray in the post.

But there’s a bigger meaning of course, it is a time for learning to use the faculty of speech as a spiritual gift, in consonance with our best life path.

And in western astrology please do note that Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces three times, being exact on May 9, May 29 and June 23. This could add confusion and denial, but look out for inspired intuitive thinking if you can: psychic development, psychic breakthrough. Will you have powerful dreams or will you go in for daydreaming? You could have wonderful flashes of insight which may be valid or not. You may be misunderstood and feel pretty depressed about all the communication chaos and lack of clarity. It is best to be very careful about your posts and communications and IT and finance issues.

You can contact me for a reading on michaelconneely@gmail.com or 07799296821. My readings are in Silsden Yorkshire face-to-face, or by phone or skype worldwide. Readings include Tarot and recording, and you can also order reports. Check out also my astrology courses websites: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com . My service is exceptionally dedicated caring and learned.


Starwheel Astrology is the Astrology service of Michael Conneely

I provide a powerful and caring astrology service.

I offer natal chart readings, predictions for your year ahead and also relationships analysis.

Unusually, my readings are a detailed and accurate combination of both western and Vedic Astrology. This combination is an exceptional bonus.

The readings are available worldwide by skype or phone, or they also available face to face in Silsden.

I email your charts plus the recording to you after the reading. You also have every opportunity for follow-up emailed questions or discussion with myself.

You can additionally order full reports which are of a very high quality.

I have twenty years’ experience and extensive qualifications. I also teach western and Vedic Astrology courses from beginner to advanced levels.


June 2015 Astrology Prediction from Michael Conneely

This is a time where’s it’s crucial to preserve focus of Mind as well as balance, and if you do this creativity, insight and success will come your way.


Creative expansion and chance to get out of the rut for some. Old habits can die hard. Be aware of the breath of revolution could be coming your way.

Beware the risk of ranting or arguing.

The Summer Solstice is June 21st at 16.39. The power of the Solstices has been recognised and venerated for thousands of years.

Read on below for the detailed prediction for June 2015:

1. Vedic Astrology Summary

2. Planet Positions

3. Lunar Phases

4. Retrograde Planets: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron

5. Special Indications: Jupiter trine Uranus, Full Moon in Sagittarius 2nd June, Yod apex Pluto, the Uranus-Pluto Square, Mars in Gemini, Sun in Gemini.

6. June Predictions for the 12 western Sun-Signs.

The charts and ephemeris for June 2015 are on my Master Vedic Astrology website: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/astrology-report-june-2015.html

Contact Michael:

Contact Michael for a detailed Astrology Reading. These combine Vedic and Western Astrology and are exceptionally learned and powerful. Allow two hours. Or enrol on one of my courses. See: www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com and www.mastervedicastrology.com. Email: michaelconneely@gmail.com or phone 07799296821.

1. Vedic Astrology: June 2015:

Mars and the Sun: Mars transiting alongside the Sun in Vedic Taurus, reaching exact combust June 15, then both moving into Vedic Gemini. It will depend on our level of consciousness, our management of our Mind and our life, our work/rest balance and our caring for our relationships, whether this will be driven hard work, arguing and then exhaustedly falling into a heap, or whether it will be organised achievement and focus! Deal with frustration and fear. Fiery Mars in Vedic Gemini from June 15th to June 30th can be entrepreneurial burnout! OR you can harness it into successful writing and communication for example. Sun is in Vedic Gemini June 15th to July 15th.

When Mars or any other planet transits so close to the orb of the Sun that it becomes ‘Combust’ or burnt and obscured by the power of the Sun, this is actually a good time to purify the negative aspects of Mars energy like anger, irritation, aggression and self-centeredness.

The energy of Vedic Gemini at its best is summed up by its deity ‘Mitra’ and so Gemini can bring good energies to this Sun-Mars conjunction from June 15th.

Mercury: Guard your Mind especially as Mercury is retrograde at this time too, and is in Taurus conjunct Mars and Sun – beware impatience and restlessness of communication. Beware hostile speech especially picking on people and making a point. Guard your Mind also during the periods when Moon in the heavens transits past Rahu in Vedic Virgo and Saturn in Vedic Scorpio, an especially hard time for Vedic Librans.

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Vedic Cancer from the start of June until 14th June when Jupiter moves into Vedic Leo. They reach exact conjunction on June 30th at 28 deg Vedic Cancer. This whole period can be benevolent and expansionary now, and lead to success, but also avoid wanting too much and therefore overwhelm. Preserve balance and focus of consciousness. Express and balance your sensual and creative needs. Avoid indulgence! You will be called to re-evaluate all this when Venus turns retrograde from July 25th. So, for the entire month, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is visible in the Vedic sign of Cancer: two bright planets coming ever closer as the June progresses, in the western sky after sunset. Venus and Jupiter together form dwiguru yoga (two teacher union), bringing us at their highest, great force of guidance and knowledge.

The Moon begins and ends the month in Vedic Scorpio (with Saturn being around 4 Scorpio too!). Guide your ship firmly through the intense and choppy emotions, the hidden fears, the buried fears, the aggressively-defended blocks, the uncertainty. Moon is debilitated in Vedic Scorpio!

The Full Moon is in Vedic Scorpio June 2nd when Moon and Saturn are in Jyestha lunar sign (Nakshatra), and Sun is in Rohini.

The New Moon in Vedic Gemini June 16, thus conjunct the Sun of course. Take it easy this day.

Mars is opposition Saturn. Saturn contracts and negates; Mars drives, fights and competes. A hard combination of energies to ride!

The crucial thing is to keep our Mind calm, either through Saturn’s sadness or Mars’ anger, and fortunately Full Moon in Jyestha nakshatra, the nakshatra of the ‘eldest’, the ‘successful person’ will help us to see situations in a mature light.

Because Moon is in Scorpio with retrograde Saturn and Sun is in Taurus with retrograde Mercury, the retrograde planets will cause us to move slowly, introspect, review past experiences and analyze carefully.

Moon crosses a dangerous zone for the stability of our Minds between June 23rd and 30th. Moon crosses Rahu in Vedic Virgo, passes through Vedic Libra and then crosses Saturn in Vedic Scorpio. Face this period with strong stability of mind but be prepared to be flexible as well.

Western Astrology Prediction: June 2015

2. Movement of the Planets in the month of June 2015:

Sun moves from 10 Gemini to 8 Cancer

Mercury moves from 8 Gemini to 17 Gemini

Venus moves from 25 Cancer to 21 Leo

Mars moves from 13 Gemini to 4 Cancer

Jupiter moves from 16 Leo to 21 Leo

Saturn moves from 1 Sagittarius to 29 Scorpio

Uranus moves from 19 Aries to 20 Aries

Neptune moves from 9 Pisces to 9 Pisces

Pluto moves from 15 Capricorn to 14 Capricorn

Rahu, North Node moves from 6 Libra to 5 Libra

Ketu, South Node moves from 6 Aries to 5 Aries

Chiron moves from 21 Pisces to 22 Pisces

3. Lunar Phases, June 2015:

Full Moon, 2nd June, at 16.19 hrs, at 11 Sagittarius.

New Moon, 16th June at 14.05 hrs at 25 Gemini.

4. Retrograde Planets, June 2015:

Mercury is retrograde from 19th May 2015 to 11th June 2015: 13 Gemini to 4 Gemini.

Saturn is retrograde from 14th Mar 2015 to 2nd Aug 2015: 4 Sagittarius to 28 Scorpio.

Neptune retrogrades from 12th Jun 2015 to 18th Nov 2015: 9 Pisces to 7 Pisces.

Pluto retrogrades from 17th Apr 2015 to 25th Sep 2015: 15 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn.

Chiron retrogrades from 23rd June 2015 to 27th Nov 2015: 21 Pisces to16 Pisces.

5. Special Indications for June 2015:

27th May – 10th July 2015: Jupiter Trine Uranus

Uranus at 19 Aries and Jupiter at 16 Leo gives great creative potential if it strongly aspects a planet in your birth chart. Jupiter is at 16 deg Leo exactly conjunct Pluto in my western birth chart, so Uranus is trine my Pluto and I started writing a novel which feels really good to write. Uranus awakens, Jupiter expands. Together they are ‘thank the lord’ inspiration and needed revolutionary shift of your perspective. At the same time, Sun, Mars and Mercury are all conjunct in Gemini, the sign of communication. It’s been a really good time for me. But there is the danger of rows and rants with this particular triple conjunction. We can feel released from our rut. We can be inspired. But we must not forget the solid and factual wither.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: 2nd June 2015, 16.20hrs UK, 9.19 am US Pacific.

The Moon is Full at 16:20 pm GMT at 11 deg Sagittarius. Most importantly, the Sun and the Moon opposition forms a T Square to Neptune at 9 Pisces which can bring you heightened empathy and sensitivity, but beware illusion or confusion. This aspect boosts the inspiration and can impel us to seek the blessings of the deeper unknown mysteries of life. Mercury square Neptune can bring spiritual revolution.

The Moon is opposite Mars, so be careful of angry words or loss of stability of mind. Sagittarius can call us to also identify and aim for the big picture (even if dogmatic).

The Full Moon in its essence offers us consciousness and awareness, but with this Full Moon being opposition retrograde Mercury and conjunct Saturn, and Mars being with the Sun, expect to have to master reversals and frustration. Expect to feel stuck, and look into the experience to be shown what you must work on.

Yod and the Uranus-Pluto Square:

At 11 Gemini, the Sun of this 2nd June Full Moon actually sextiles Jupiter at 16 Leo to form a Yod with its apex planet being Pluto at 15 Capricorn. And do note that at 19 Aries, Uranus is square Pluto. This is most powerful revolution if you have planets at these points. I cannot say this strongly enough. Embrace it. Clear the decks for it. Old habits can die hard, but be aware the breath of revolution could be coming your way. Work with the change. Let it flow.

Remember, Mars is conjunct this Sun and Mars-Pluto aspects are potentially angry.

Mars in Gemini: 11th May to 24th June 2015:

Mars enters Gemini on 12th May at 2:41 am GMT. In doing so it forms a T Square with Saturn and the Moon. So long as we avoid sharp speech and arguments, this transit of mars through Gemini can empower and enthuse our communication.

The Sun in Gemini:

Sun is in Gemini from May 21st to June 21st. generally speaking Geminis are very mentalistic and highly communicative. They are capable of having several distinct personalities, and of being unaware of it! Generally they can’t bear to be psychoanalyzed because they are terrified what they will find down there in the world of feelings. Pseudo-psychological clap-trap is fine: s/he will impose a theoretical psychological, social, religious or educational model on anyone – but NEVER will s/he want to really feel and empathize – s/he’ll feel this is very dangerous. Gemini seeks help form intellectual maps and systems (and horoscopes), rather than really feeling.

Gemini is inconsistent and changeable, and hates being brought to face solid reality of self and life. They are chatter, charm, unpredictability and won’t be tied down. S/he may take refuge in disguise and mimicry. They are interested in many subjects – proficient in few. Even if a Gemini does specialize, s/he will cultivate versatility within the specialism.

Gemini can be superficial and shallow and easily distracted – but can end up with a broad and comprehensive spectrum of knowledge – a bridge builder, not a specialist therefore there’s a big career issue here. They won’t be told (not by astrologers, anyhow!). They can be the butterfly. There’s the risk of heartlessness. They are fascinated with words – and usually s/he talks a great deal. Gemini learns other languages easily. Gemini is the eternal child – a stranger to him/herself.

Human beings aren’t really good enough for a Gemini, who seeks his/her lost celestial twin or soul mate – but, remember! – flesh and blood is the reality, and the celestial one a dream! Gemini needs a collision with mortality. S/he needs to find something within herself that is worth loving. Commitment is terrifying to a Gemini. Gemini’s challenge in love relationships is to find someone who can love all the different faces and make him/her feel safe and secure.

The Shadow Gemini is either the Irresponsible Child and/or The Paranoid Plotter.

The risk is that the partner often ends feeling emotionally frustrated, starved of affection and closeness, rejected and shut out. The Gemini ends up feeling oppressed suffocated bored and caged, and even more lacking in confidence.

The optimum outcome is for Gemini to ground him/herself more in a relationship, discover own needs and sensitivities and contact his/her own feelings authentically.

6. Here are predictions for June 2015 for each of the twelve western astrology Sun-signs:

Aries has Uranus still transiting through it, now at 19 degrees, bringing sudden change and indeed ongoing revolution. You can experience it passively or you can envision where and how you want this energy to take you. You will be given opportunities to make money. Spiritual opportunities will also present themselves.

Taurus: will be a much better month than the previous one. All your financial, emotional and professional challenges will be taken care of. Your financial intelligence should be good, but deal carefully with any financial disputes which will arise. The month is good for beautifying your home and for academic studies. Shed friendships that no longer support or enrich your life. Health will be good. Take on fitness or exercise routine and improve the healthiness of your diet.

Gemini starts off the month of June forcibly with Sun. Mercury and Mars in their sign. Speak your truth, yes. Communicate successfully – but be careful of being tactless or hurtful. Good for business and financial entrepreneurship.

Cancer continues to experience deep tectonic and fundamental change as Pluto inexorably moves through Capricorn, opposite.

Leo: People with Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Leo have an expansive month in June 2015 due to the transit of Jupiter. So much will be possible for you this month. And Venus forms a blessing conjunction with the planet Jupiter on: in the days running up to 30th June for these people.

Virgo: Neptune and Chiron are both transiting opposite in Pisces. Neptune has been bringing increasing intuition and even psychism to Virgos, though the downside of this energy is alcohol, lies and illusion which need to be treated so carefully. Examine your life from the most enlightened viewpoint possible. Health will be more fragile this month. Reduce stress and aim for peaceful environment.

Libra: Uranus is working his way through Aries, opposite now at 19 degrees, so a swathe of revolutionary change is steadily cutting its way through the middle-end of Libra.

Scorpio: People with Sun at the end of Libra or in the first 24 degrees of Scorpio will have a hard time in June 2015. They will feel that home issues are fraught, and they also need to be very careful to take firm and clear steps to avoid financial loss.

Sagittarius: Take things steadily: Emotional disturbances will affect your family environment till the third week but they will blow over after that. Career prospects are active, but do take care about communicating. Avoid temper or tactlessness. Health will be sensitive. Take breaks and relax.

Capricorn people continue to have deep and fundamental change and growth offered to them as Pluto slowly makes his way through their sign.

Aquarius: It will be better to focus on emotional and home issues rather than career. Marital relationships will be peaceful and harmonious. Relationships with children and parents will be excellent. Health will be better compared to that of previous month.

Pisces: Neptune and Chiron are both transiting through Pisces. Neptune has been bringing increasing intuition and even psychism, though the downside of this energy is alcohol, lies and illusion which need to be treated so carefully. Examine your life from the most enlightened viewpoint possible.


Psychodynamic Astrology Readings 3 – Positive and Negative Meaning in your Life

‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ are the terms used to describe astrological phenomena that are seen in your birth astrology or in your predictive astrology.

These terms used to describe the energies of the Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects and their interactions with each other.

But what do these terms really mean?

To take an example, let’s look at the possible manifestations of the aspect: ‘Mercury conjunct Mars’ which is in the heavens as this Post is being written.

+ the power of resolution or determination. Love of discussion or argument. The ability to judge.

Practical disposition. Skill or dexterity. Quickness at repartee. Impressive speaking. Retaliation.

– rashness, exaggeration. Quarrel. Grumbling. Fault-finding. Obstinacy and willfulness. Irritability.

Nervousness. The utilization of other people’s ideas for one’s own benefit.

BIOLOGICAL: the motor-nervous system. Spastic paralysis. Nerve irritation. An increased sensitivity of reflex action

SOCIOLOGICAL: the critic. The speaker in a discussion group


+ achieving success through spirit of enterprise and power of determination

– getting involved in disputes or controversies or law suits. Bringing about disputes.

The point is that all energies can be experienced as either ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ depending on the individual’s view and insight, depending on their level of experience, depending on their level of awareness or enlightenment.

Looking back on situations where we deemed the manifestation of an energy to be ‘Negative’ it’s possible that we may later see it as having some Positive attributes contained within it. The developmental stage of the individual has much to do with how they perceive events and feelings.

Manifestations of the energies can also occur on many levels, such as Social, Biological, and Psychological. A combination of what is seen as ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ can arise simultaneously and also at different times in a person’s life. The energies simply indicate where opportunities for opening ourselves to a better awareness of our capabilities – and greater self-understanding is possible. Even as a result of bad experiences we can learn a lot, though we often may rely on the teaching and help of others to be able to do this. It is easier said than done!

Aspects in the birth chart such as conjunction, sextile, trine for example are generally categorised into ‘Harmonious’ and aspects such as conjunction, opposition, square, quincunx and semi-sextile are generally categorised as ‘Challenging’. The Harmonious aspects are interpreted with more of a positive angle than the Challenging which is often seen as Negative. But care should be taken with this general view.

The Negative interpretation of the Challenging or stressful aspects as being malefic is due to the tension inherent in the energy can cause anxiety and suffering and it’s difficult to ignore them. But this energy emphasises where we need to become more aware and responsible for the quality of our actions and where there’s potential for a heightening of our level of consciousness and understanding.

We therefore see that these Challenging aspects can be ultimately stimulating us to see where we can achieve something in life, so there can be a Positive interpretation of this. This is such an important point to understand. Astrology readings and courses can provide incredibly precise and helpful pointers and frameworks.

The so-called Challenging aspects are strongly activating and character-building, but they also can be the cause of aggression of some kind. So much depends on our level of awareness. And we have to remember that courage may be needed to overcome them. Some people may be stimulated by challenges more than others therefore they may not be affected so adversely by challenges as others.

Positive attributes are more often than not given to the ‘Harmonious’ aspects or ‘easy’ chart aspect shapes in our charts due to their giving a pleasurable, easy feeling, but this feeling can become a habitual or addictive pattern of behaviour which if not worked on may mean the loss of the energy or even loss of the talent inherent in the flow.

For example the chart aspect shape called a Grand Trine, can indicate a particular talent (depending on where the planets involved are situated). But it’s often the case that the talent goes unrecognised if its use hasn’t been required in a person’s life, or if there is a laziness with regard to using it. In these cases, the talent can be lost. Trines are lazy aspects. They need to be consciously understood and worked on.

So these free flowing Blue aspects can also cause a lot of pain just like the Red challenging aspects if we become stuck in old ways that have become too comfortable. They are part of our character and want to be recognised, so in their own way they can be very demanding.

Let’s look at the signs: The signs in the Western birth chart are each ruled by one or more of the planets i.e. they exemplify the energy of that planet in their manifestation.

An Aries character, for instance, is ruled by Mars. If the Sun is placed in Aries in your birth chart, here could indicate a fiery energy needing to express itself in an action orientated, adventurous, or dominant kind of way which they would enjoy and find those attributes ‘positive’, ‘beneficial’ and ‘easy to live with’. Others might be appalled at your ‘me first’ assertion of course!

Yet a Pisces Sun’s dreamy and easy going nature could experience Aries/Mars energy as ‘Negative’, ‘over powering’ and ‘exhausting’ and ‘challenging to be around’.

Having Mars in the sign Cancer in your birth chart would be seen as inharmonious as this would be again a ‘fire with water’ steamy combination of energies. But even though the Mars energy may not fit easily with watery Cancer and could bring a depletion of energy and may dampen the spirit to action, it could be harnessed in the way of directing the energy towards protecting and caring for the family where it may be able to express itself more easily.

In Predictive Astrology, Transits to natal planets and their aspects etc. can act as trigger points for the energies they hit, stimulating our conscious awareness of them.

The important point is that our level of comprehension of the energy they bring, whether they are manifesting in the outer or inner world or both, brings our free will into play as to how we view or use the energy. The more insight we develop, the more free will we develop.

It is the Higher spirit, the Universal energy, ‘God within us’ that is urging us to grow and our view of ‘fortunate’ or ‘unfortunate’ is not inherent in the energy – it’s just a view.

Everything is connected to the intelligent Universal energy, but we humans are so often unable to perceive the divine meaning in the order of things.

Like the Yin and Yang, everything encompasses both light and dark; the balance of doing and being, positive and negative.

For existence it seems both are needed, and the place of peace within that is the acceptance and working with this divine order, although we may not be able to perceive it’s full meaning.

Astrology if expertly read can provide a very clear picture to use in the great work of developing our enlightenment and understanding our life.

This material was written for the Enlightened Astrology Course by Yvonne Lawton, and my sincere thanks goes to Yvonne. It is a privilege to work with her.

Trained astrological guidance on what meaning to place on your life scripts and the events in your life is utterly invaluable. Of course it has to be expert and it has to be positive and empowering.

It can be coupled with counselling sessions. Or it can be healed by releasing bodily held distress which the existence of these cut off planets in your birth chart points to. An example of a healing approach is Maggie Pashley at www.bodycodehealing.co.uk and clearing your heart blocks to love: http://www.bodycodehealing.co.uk/heart-walls.html

Contact me for an Astrology Reading. I offer uniquely valuable readings which actually combine western and Vedic Astrology, and can be a natal Chart Reading, a prediction or a Relationships reading.

Or it may be that you want to enrol on one of my astrology courses. My worldwide Astrology Courses websites in both Vedic and Western Astrology are: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com .

Contact Michael Conneely: Email: michaelconneely@gmail.com

Phone: 07799296821


Have an Expert Astrology Reading

I do feel proud of the work and service I offer, and always seek to be caring and diligent and cover all issues necessary.

There are quite a few testimonials shown on my websites from people who receive readings or follow my courses, and I have been doing this work for twenty years.

I would be very pleased to assist you.

Basically, the reading can be by phone or skype. You receive all necessary charts.

The reading is recorded and I email you the recording.

You can additionally order reports.

There is every opportunity afterwards for any emailed questions/discussion.

Typically the interview lasts at least two hours.

I always cover both western and Vedic Astrology. So western astrology using Astrocalc chart includes Chiron our Wounded Healer issues. And Western astrology using Megastar chart is quite deeply psychodynamic and covers psychosynthesis and ‘nature versus nurture’ analysis as well as Alice Bailey Rays.

Vedic astrology is indeed vast, It is very sure and accurate. It includes ‘incarnational destiny reading’, planets in the wonderful Nakshatras: the 27-sign lunar zodiac of Vedic Astrology, analysis of the relationship between your soul/past life issues and this life.

My charge for each sort of reading (natal/prediction/relationship) is £55 or £80 if the full reports are added in. You can pay using the PayPal buttons on my website.

I do offer reductions if you have more than one reading, or if you book readings for more than one person, in which case ask me for a quotation.

To order a reading please give me the name and natal data of the person(s) concerned. Natal data is date, time and place of birth.

Or if it is one of my courses you are interested in enrolling on, my worldwide Astrology Courses websites in both Vedic and Western Astrology are: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com.

Assuring you of my dedicated and expert service, Michael

Contact Michael Conneely: Email: michaelconneely@gmail.com

Phone: 07799296821


Psychodynamic Astrology Readings 2 – Nature versus Nurture – How does this affect Love in your Life?

Great value can be received from an Astrology reading that includes psychodynamic Astrology.

One of the techniques of psychodynamic astrology is to interpret what your ‘nature’ is and then compare this to a statement of the effect of your ‘nurture’.

What are we? Are we our nature? or are we the result of our nurture?

In astrology, the chart of our nature is the birth chart often called the ‘Radix chart’. The chart of our nurture is the House chart.

In our Radix or birth chart, note that the signs are of equal size. This is because ‘planets in signs’ are deemed to be our nature: our inherited nature.

In our House chart, however, note that by contrast the houses are of equal size. This is because houses show the effect of our environment in our life, and of all our environments, our earliest environment or our ‘nurture’ is of course the key influence overlying our nature.

Sometimes our ‘nurture’ or our upbringing (especially our earliest upbringing), improves what our nature offers us.

But other times we find that our nurture/upbringing skews what we are away from our nature, sometimes in a terribly difficult and major way.

In my astrology readings, I include a nature versus nurture analysis.

In our example, which is the chart for the post made before this on ‘Cut Off Aspects’, this person has a romantic and visionary Neptune-Venus aspect in their birth chart which is their nature. Venus is a prime indicator for love in your life.

However, as you can see from this person’s House Chart which is the chart of nurture/upbringing (the chart below), this person’s earliest environment has brought Venus into an angry impatient square (90 deg aspect) with Uranus. Not good: Uranus tends to soar above relationships, always wanting the new. In mythology, Uranus ate his children.

In fact it is very helpful insight to have your birth chart and your House chart compared. This way you can be shown how they will make you live your life.

The comparison is done in terms of modalities (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and also Elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). Chart 3, below, is the comparison Table for the person described in this example.

There is also a Table which can be used to deepen the ‘nature versus nurture’ analysis, not shown here as this Blog limits to one image per post, but it is important to note that this person has been made far Cardinal: far more more impatient (for love and to be noticed) than is their nature).

They have also been made to dig their heels in (more Fixed).

And they have been made unconfident about tryoing out anything diffeernt from their habitual patterns (mutability reduced).

Their Fire has been put out and their Water increased leaving them to dwell in hurt sensitivity but also become a lot more sensitive and psychic.

‘Nature versus Nurture’ issues need to be made clear, and their meaning needs to be understood, if we are to heal our lives. It is as simple as that

Trained astrological guidance on this sort of thing is invaluable. Of course it has to be expert and it has to be positive and empowering.

It can be coupled with counselling sessions. Or it can be healed by releasing bodily held distress which the existence of these cut off planets in your birth chart points to. An example of a healing approach is Maggie Pashley at www.bodycodehealing.co.uk and clearing your heart blocks to love: http://www.bodycodehealing.co.uk/heart-walls.html

Contact me for an Astrology Reading. I offer uniquely valuable readings which actually combine western and Vedic Astrology.

Readings can be a natal Chart Reading, a prediction or a Relationships reading.

Or if you would like to enrol in one of my courses, see: my worldwide Astrology Courses websites in both Vedic and Western Astrology are: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com .

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Psychodynamic Astrology Readings 1 – Cut off Planets

Great value can be received from an Astrology reading that includes psychodynamic Astrology.

One of the techniques of psychodynamic astrology is to interpret the meaning of planets that are ‘cut off’ from the rest of the chart.

In our first example, this person has a cut off romantic and visionary Neptune-Venus aspect, indeed is pointed into Earth Spirituality too, because Neptune is near the IC the bottom of the chart.

But this beautiful aspect is in practice ‘cut off’ from the rest of his chart by the red Saturn-Mars square aspect which is implacable, unremitting hard work.

I can only show one chart in this blog post, but I also have in mind a second example where the person even has a cut off Sun, where Sun in the birth chart is the divine charioteer who directs and controls the chariot of self. The chariot is cut off from the charioteer in her case. Note that her Sun is considered ‘cut off’ by the constant irritation of the nagging Chiron-Venus semi-sextile which is all about a wound to value, a wound to acceptance of the body, also manifesting as the ability to be loving to people/situations where most would not: the person trained to endlessly help others.

These cut of aspects need to be made clear and their meaning needs to be understood, if we are to heal our lives. It is as simple as that

Trained astrological guidance on this sort of thing is invaluable. Of course it has to be expert and it has to be positive and empowering.

It can be coupled with counselling sessions. Or it can be healed by releasing bodily held distress which the existence of these cut off planets in your birth chart points to. An example of a healing approach is Maggie Pashley at www.bodycodehealing.co.uk

Contact me for an Astrology Reading.

I offer uniquely valuable readings which actually combine western and Vedic Astrology, and can be a natal Chart Reading, a prediction or a Relationships reading.

Or you may wish to enrol on one of my courses: My worldwide Astrology Courses websites in both Vedic and Western Astrology are: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com .

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Newsletter June 2015 from Michael Conneely

It’s many months since I wrote a Newsletter, and I feel so changed I feel like I’m a different person!

There’s been one change after another – and the end result so far, is that I am getting so much satisfaction out of starting my new novel a week ago (after many months of research). The first draft has just flowed: seven chapters in five mornings, as if channelled. The working title is ‘The Druid Forest School’ and the theme is authentic contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan. I am loving every minute of writing it and am feeling so well doing it.

The action all starts up in a new cave that has opened up in the west of Ireland due to winter-storms land subsidence, where the archaeology of the caves in Ireland reveals they were, for the ancient Irish, places of connection to ….

See my websites: www.inspirationalnovels.org and www.druidforestschool.com .

If you’d like to read my prediction for June 2015 Astrology, please go to: https://starwheel.wordpress.com/2015/06/02/june-2015-astrology-prediction-from-michael-conneely-vedic-and-western-astrology/ , but do read on to the rest of this fascinating June newsletter first!!!

In terms of the predictive periods of Vedic Astrology, I am actually in a period ruled by my ‘soul indicator’, my Atmakaraka planet, which in my case is my Moon. The Atmakaraka period in my life at this time has been thus one of great separations from what must not be part of my spiritual path, and, as I believe, clear embracing of my essence. I feel I am so much more writing from my heart, and working from the heart. And I feel that I have greatly benefited from a wonderful new healing method by my partner Maggie called ‘Access Bars’ which helps remove old programing, empowers you to be yourself.

Astrology Readings: I am still continuing my worldwide astrology readings of course, and they represent an ever more powerful combination of western and Vedic astrology. They take at least two hours these days, and they encompass truly expert methods learned from my courses in astrological psychosynthesis in western astrology and three courses at advanced level in western astrology, as well as twenty years’ reading experience.

I always combine my astrology readings with Tarot, and my favourite packs at the moment where I find I can feel rightly confident in doing readings for people thousands of miles away are the Poppy Palin ‘Wild Spirit’ Tarot, which you can only get off EBay, but I knew was a ‘must’ when I saw some of the card images, and I do find the insight totally spot on. My other favourites continue to be ‘The Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle’ by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, the ‘Tarot of the Sidhe’ by Emily Carding and ‘The Oracle of the Dragonfae’ by Lucy Cavendish.

Astrology Courses: I have done a lot of work filling out my astrology courses. The guiding theme is that like the Oxford Tutorial system which I myself benefited from as a young undergraduate in the 1960s, they encourage as much excellence as the student wishes to aim for, with vast personal attention by the tutor to the work sent in on each assignment. Gone are the irritating word limits that I found so unnecessarily irritating and confining when I was doing my astrology courses. Gone are the tutor ‘one-liner’ comments. Gone are the ranting to pre-recorded slides. My whole aim is to encourage the student to voice his or her authentic reaction to the astrology method, not just the importation of legalistically-defined rules. I am planning worldwide Webinar series on student-requested themes and I have been preparing masses of course documents for my Advanced Nakshatras Course

(See my websites: www.mastervedicastrology.com and www.nakshatrasadvancedcourse.com .)

In my Advanced Vedic Astrology Course, I have been delighting in writing papers about the Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka system which gives such wonderful guidance about the contribution your Soul makes to your incarnation this time, based on the Navamsha chart. And the whole thrust of all my courses are that they must spell out the positives, must spell out ways of transforming the karmically defined challenges and utilising the equally karmically-defined merits and positive essences. I have also loved writing a paper about how to utilise awareness of one’s Badhaka house planet (a weak link house/planet inherent in each of the Lagnas or ‘Ascendants) as well as the principle of Pushkara Planets (weak links that act to our great gain when we purify them), with my paper focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Govenator of California. There is the most astoundingly lively and creative face Book group utilised by some of the course members.

See my website: www.advancedvedicastrologycourse.com

My worldwide Ogham and Runes courses are going very well, and I have just started Face Book Groups for each, which I hope will promote vibrant lively shared learning and support.

See my websites: www.oghampathways.com and www.rune-path.com

Shamanic Healer Course: I am so honoured to read the standard of the work of the students in my worldwide Shamanic Healer Course. I myself am feeling rather sore at what I experienced as ego-filled teaching and power-stealing from many teaching in the shamanic area, so I do feel so glad to be offering a course which I sincerely believe promotes authenticity to the student’s vision, avoids repetitious form rather than essence, and most importantly offers a high level of awareness of ethical shamanic healer techniques.

See my websites: www.shamanic-healer.net and www.munaykiempowerment.com . I got an awful lot out of Munay Ki, and feel it is a gateway to the well-being and authenticity I now feel, but I would add that I feel the full flowering of its chakra energy raising took for me also going on to Dhyana or focus meditation, what can be called Kundalini meditation: focus on the third eye to raise kundalini and thus promote healing crises as the residues of negative past experiences are cleared as the kundalini rises up through them. However, an important finding I also came to was that I feel there is a need to avoid what I feel is the trap of some Eastern perspectives which negate the value of the phenomena of this world. The experience I have come to is that it is important to see that we are here this time to work with certain definable talents and work with certain negative scripts, and so this world has great value – if/when one brings more enlightened awareness to its phenomena.

Psychodynamic Western Astrology: Last but not least, I have loved teaching the western astrology course, where I have benefited so much from the deep and thoughtful sharing of Yvonne Lawton who is working her way through the psychodynamic interpretation of the astrology chart and posting for the benefit of astrology course members in the Face book group. This involves the psychodynamic study of hemispheres and quadrants of the birth chart, planets, signs and houses, astrological sub-personalities and psychosynthesis, the vastly important topic of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ (are you the product of your Nature or your nurture, and extrapolation from the birth chart of the Alice Bailey Rays each person particularly comes to work with this time. There are two very worthwhile predictive systems, one to do with the unfoldement of one’s individuation which his getting to identify, know, work with and transform all the parts of what might be called one’s ‘egoic psychology’. The other is based on the Nodes of the Moon and involves pointers to the ‘whispers of one’s soul to one from the astral’ at any point in one’s life, which oddly, so often says the same thing as some major part of one’s vedic predictive astrology, although the guidance being come to by a totally different method and route.

In addition to ‘Access Bars’ I mentioned above, my partner Maggie continues to do her many worldwide healings such as Body Code, Emotion Code and Heart Wall clearing as well as Munay Ki initiations, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Metamorphic Technique, healing massage and even more!

See her websites: www.bodycodehealing.co.uk , www.changeforlife.co.uk ,

www.metamorphicwings.com and www.munaykiempowerment.com . She is truly a one-woman healing center!

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