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Pluto in the Astrology Chart Pt 2

Michael Conneely Pluto in the Astrology Chart Please first see my Pt 1 Post about the Astrological Pluto: Pluto Mythic Keys. Now here is more information on the Astrological Pluto: PLUTO ASTRONOMY Pluto’s remote orbit is the dark boundary between the Solar System and the Transcendent: the last outpost. Pluto and its Moon, which is actually … Continue reading Pluto in the Astrology Chart Pt 2

Pluto the Dark Lord Pt 1 Mythic Keys

Michael Conneely The energy-principle that is Pluto is power and deep psychism; intensity and rebirth, or negatively: control and abuse. People with unaspected Pluto in their birth chart can come over very powerful to others and not know it; or they can be unable to access their power and even be abused. And both of … Continue reading Pluto the Dark Lord Pt 1 Mythic Keys

Visionary Astrology

Michael Conneely The development of visionary keys to perceive the meaning of the planets is one profoundly good way to develop your astrological awareness. This is also known as Visionary Astrology. In this way you can better increase your perception about your birth chart or your transits or predictive periods, and therefore of your life. … Continue reading Visionary Astrology

Rahu North Node of the Moon

Michael Conneely The Nodes of the Moon are crucial points in your birth chart to understand. They are points in space that are keys to understanding and working with your incarnational destiny. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon. Ketu is the South Node of the Moon. They are always opposite each other in … Continue reading Rahu North Node of the Moon

Visionary Astrology – East meets West

Michael Conneely Visionary Astrology Please have a look at this brief video which we shot at a Crannog Lake Village near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland. It’s about one of my favourite approaches to astrology that I offer in my worldwide astrology courses: Visionary Astrology – East meets West. It’s about the … Continue reading Visionary Astrology – East meets West