Learn about Arudha Padas

Learn about Arudha Padas Soul Astrology in Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology has an invaluable analysis tool. It’s the use of Arudha Padas.
So often we don’t express the desires of our soul; we express some torsion of that, or a distorted reflection of that.
The use of Arudha Padas is a most powerful and valuable tool. It’s part of the wonderful intuitive branch of Vedic Astrology called ‘Jaimini Astrology‘.
Each of the twelve Houses in your Vedic birth chart gives the most powerful land accurate declaration about the area of your life that that House covers.
But the ‘reflection’ or the possibly distorted way in which we express the affairs of that House is stunningly revealed by looking at the Arudha Padas for that House.
Read the Blog Post where I show how I as a sensitive Cancer Ascendant (Cancer Lagna), a sensitive Pisces Moon, and a weak Sun (my Sun is in its weakest sign, Libra, in my Vedic birth chart, in fact give quite a different impression from how I seem to present in the world. This is because my Arudha Lagna is in the fiercely analytic and penetrating sign of Scorpio, where Mars is placed in my birth chart: 
Michael Conneely
You can have an astrology reading which will include as part of it, telling you all about how you present in the world and to what extent this represents the ‘real you’. As with all my worldwide astrology readings this will include not only Vedic Astrology but also psychodynamic Western Astrology, including psychosynthesis: learning about and working with the different parts of your personality:
Or you can go into this issue in depth, looking at Arudha Padas for example, along with an infinity of other invaluable issues by following one of my courses – and all my courses are thorough and caring. They can include crossover between Western and Vedic astrology to the extent you wish, and all are geared to healing and empowerment.
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