Mercury is Retrograde from May 18th to June 11th

On May 18th, Mercury will Retrograde or have backward motion in the heavens. It is worth knowing this, understanding what it mean and anticipating the challenges. Mercury resumes forward motion in the heavens on June 11th.

But in fact the Mercury challenges actually start before he turns retrograde, and they continue for a while after he has turned direct. So, on May 4th Mercury reaches the point he will ultimately not regain until he returns to this position on June 27th. Throughout this period Mercury issues will become highlighted.

In western astrology this retrograde is in Gemini, so at the level of our egoic mind, we could have to deal with very changeable fickle communication issues, as well as the usual Mercury Retrograde issues.

As is well known, Mercury Retrograde is the time to get your filing and IT systems in order. It is a time to check you have put addresses correctly on letters, and it’s noted for things going astray in the post.

But there’s a bigger meaning of course, it is a time for learning to use the faculty of speech as a spiritual gift, in consonance with our best life path.

And in western astrology please do note that Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces three times, being exact on May 9, May 29 and June 23. This could add confusion and denial, but look out for inspired intuitive thinking if you can: psychic development, psychic breakthrough. Will you have powerful dreams or will you go in for daydreaming? You could have wonderful flashes of insight which may be valid or not. You may be misunderstood and feel pretty depressed about all the communication chaos and lack of clarity. It is best to be very careful about your posts and communications and IT and finance issues.

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